Our mission. Our values.
Why we exist.




We believe every person has a right to feel safe and supported at work in order to produce their best work - a philosophy we apply in our own business everyday.

People can’t be their best if they don’t feel they belong. If they’re worried about saying or doing the wrong thing or feel they have to fight harder than others, they’re wasting mental energy on that, splitting their focus. That’s not fair. And it doesn’t help anyone.



Innovation means not being afraid to be the first to try something new, to want to fix what isn’t working and to iterate and improve what is - starting small and scaling what works.

We apply this approach to our products but it’s also fundamental to how we see culture - our clients and our own.



If your organisation is innovative and inclusive, you’re more likely to be able to build a culture of trust.

Genuine trust means you feel safe speaking up when you see a problem or want to challenge other views, ideas or ways of doing things. You know you are trusted to do your job. You feel respected.

“These are are more than just our beliefs. They are the outcomes we design every solution to deliver and an invitation for us to challenge any decision we make to live up to these goals.”

Melissa Sabella, Founder and CEO

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