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We transform vital but intangible 'soft skills' into measurable, meaningful things people can actually do. It's impact you can see.

We rigorously assess all the evidence and focus on what has been proven to change behaviour. We are relentlessly curious about your organisation, your goals, your people and what will work most effectively - all to drive impact.


Behavioural benchmark

The essential behaviours that drive organisational excellence.

Development map

A visual tool to identify and organise areas of focus.

Development experience

Blended ‘why, what, how’ approach in bite sized cells.

  • Flexible
  • Modular
  • Personal
  • Bespoke
  • Goal & Behaviour Driven
  • Non-linear but...
  • with Pathways & Progression


How we work and what makes a successful business has changed. So how do you know you are developing the right things?

The Honeycomb provides an evidence based benchmark of the essential behaviours and capabilities an organisation needs - now and in the future.

TRUST, INNOVATION AND INCLUSIVITY - critical elements in high performance - are woven throughout.


We build complex data structures linking everything together to identify key gaps and strengths that could derail or propel your organisation.

Then we display it in an engaging and accessible visual, enabling people to take control of their own development and for you to make strategic decisions.


Overloading people with learning is counterproductive. We target critical behaviours with the optimal blend of techniques and tools to drive long-term change. Each cell is designed with our robust methodology.

  • 1.WHY (for motivation)
  • 2.WHAT (for understanding)
  • 3.HOW (for application)
Anatomy of a cell

Flexible Thinking

Behaviour: Identifies feasible alternatives or multiple options in planning and decision making.





live or virtual




on demand

face to face


"Through the honeycomb we can diagnose individual behavioural gaps and create flexible pathways, tailored to individual needs…saving us considerable time and money. As an L&D professional I’m really excited by this innovation." L&D Director, East Thames


Melissa Sabella @msabella

Melissa has been in learning her entire career. She takes an evidence-based, learner-centred approach to developing technology products and designing learning experience. Twelve years in Product and Innovation at Pearson (the largest educational services company in the world) gave her a global perspective and an acute understanding of how innovation happens in large organisations.

She joined Reed Learning in 2014 to tackle professional development, eager to be in an area where learning could be applied immediately in the real world. She led on product, strategy and innovation with ultimate responsibility for the long term vision and delivery of the learning experience.

In 2016 she founded The Honeycomb Works, a new company that partners with organisations who need to drive behavioural change with impact.

Melissa regularly delivers executive workshops and speaks on learning and innovation.

Caroline Marsh @carolinemarsh

Caroline has a strong background in Learning and Talent Management, working for complex multinational organisations across a range of industries. As a result she is highly commercial and has great understanding of the pressures involved in delivering learning and talent initiatives in fast-paced, demanding environments.

A Business Psychologist with a focused interest in the elements underpinning human behaviour, Caroline believes in the impact of supporting and understanding individuals within an organisation in order to give them exactly what they need to manage their own career and learning.

This experience and drive, a curious nature and a desire to find original and effective ways to meet business requirements ensures Caroline will deliver innovative, business and learner focused solutions that drive business strategy.

Ben Waldman @LandD_Ben

Ben is a highly experienced learning consultant, coach, facilitator and trainer. With over 15 years of learning and development experience behind him, his main focus is management and leadership development, having worked as a management development consultant and trainer, before going on to head up the Learning function at Reed Learning.

Ben started his working life as an Archaeologist before switching to Learning and Development and has worked in a variety of industries, from Telecoms to Travel, but always with one clear focus - a passion for helping people and organisations achieve their potential.