How To Be An Ally: Stop Fixing People And Start Supporting Them

The tendency to focus on ‘fixing’ the underrepresented rather than leveraging the power of those calling the shots is an issue we come across a lot. At The Honeycomb Works’ ‘How to be an ally’ event I spoke about a number of common mistakes I see organisations making when trying to create inclusive, diverse cultures and this one seemed to really resonate with people.

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Our exciting new partnership!

We are very proud to announce we’re partnering with the Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance to embed the learning from their programmes within organisations and deliver meaningful behavioural change at scale.

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Melissa Sabella
So, What is Agile People Development?

It’s whatever you want it to be.

Sorry, that’s probably not very helpful (and would make for a very short post) but it’s important not to get hung up on details when the perspective shift is what really matters.  Before we get to the answer, let’s properly identify the question.  What exactly are we trying to solve by going agile with our people development?

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