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Today is our two year anniversary!

It’s hard to believe it’s been that long but equally hard to believe it’s gone so fast.

It’s been a busy year and there a few new things we are quite proud of - skipping the humble part of the humble brag, if you don’t mind.

We’ve grown! The Honeycomb Works now has four more people, each one dedicated to our mission and excited to tackle culture from a scientific perspective. They are all client focused, with research and engagement goals. Want to meet them?

Honeycomb V2.0 is live! We launched a new version of the app with an entirely new design exponentially improving the user experience and providing more support for self-directed, independent development. 

Evidence based inclusivity programmes! Caroline has gone cross-eyed reading every* study out there, and after finding the two people doing the most relevant, inspiring work in the inclusivity field, we managed to convince them to partner with us.

Dr. Aneeta Rattan and Dr. Evelyn Carter and have given us guidance on our programmes to drive inclusive cultures. We are most excited about our Becoming an Ally programme and our Weave It In solution - two approaches we know will have a big impact. We’re also cooking up some really exciting research projects with Aneeta and Evelyn.

Let us know if you’d like to be involved.

*ok not every study, that would be impossible, but all the important ones!

Honeycombing Tech Teams! It started with some pro bono work Ben is doing with an organisation teaching coding to refugees, Code Your Future (hiring junior developers? please get in touch!). It turned out that prospective employers were happy with their technical capability, but they needed to see evidence of skills like collaboration, problem solving, and communication. Once he started having the conversations, we found the need everywhere, so we built a Honeycomb specifically for tech teams. 

Tackling cybersecurity! This is the big, scary topic on everyone’s mind. Beyond the rise of cybercrime we also have GDPR to contend with - but we prefer to see the new regulations as an opportunity. We aren’t going to fix your infrastructure, but we do want to shift mindsets so everyone in your organisation cares about protecting their colleagues and customers. Here’s where we are focusing:

  • Driving inclusivity in cybersecurity

  • Supporting IT/Cybersecurity teams to become trusted advisors, balancing risk and user experience

  • A mindset shift that leads to daily habits across the organisation that keep us secure

Our expert on cybersecurity is Marilise de Villiers who has been doing amazing work in the field.

I’ll stop there. We’re cooking up a few more things but have to save something for next month. Keep an eye out for more news and for our Autumn schedule of events in early September.

If you’d like to talk more about the above (or anything else), we’d love to hear from you.

Melissa Sabella